Marge normale

Invited to reflect on the printed art, the online art space Galerie Galerie presents Marge normale I & II, a Web project that fits into an interpretation of reproduction in the era of the Internet.

By its two sections, the online installation considers the medium in terms of the multiplication of works and their implicit circulation, in the manner of copy-paste and mass dissemination of files. On the one hand, by inviting the public to freely download PNG and JPEG images, and on the other hand, by selling digital works of art in limited editions. This way, the project takes root in one or more deconstructed definitions of the practice, that is to say anchored in digital methods. The «margin», which delimits the impression and the print in their form just as it also defines what is and what is other, is considered here as «normal», in this desire to reflect both the gesture and the idea. The original file is processed according to the precepts imposed by the Web, both in its freest form and in its most legislated context.

With the works of Alexis Quesnel-Denette and Julie Tremble.

Marge normale I. Studies

The I. Studies section allows you to freely download files of your choice, with the aim of disseminating them and decorating your digital environment.

– (CC) These studies created by Alexis Quesnel-Denette and Julie Tremble have been acquired by Galerie Galerie for free distribution and are protected under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivative license. Thank you for enjoying the Web while respecting the artists and their work. –



Marge normale II. Editions

In Section II. Editions, Galerie Galerie sells two original digital works in limited editions. Each edition is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a sale contract, which will be sent digitally after the purchase. You can proceed to the acquisition directly online by following the button provided for this purpose.

– To learn more about the terms of sale and use, see the READ ME tab below each of the two works below. – 


Alexis Quesnel-Denette

Image PDF, 69,6 Mo
4200 x 8775

Edition 1/8

100 $

Julie Tremble

Still frame PNG, 4,7 Mo
1346 × 1741

Edition 1/5

120 $