URL/ 🎨 B34U D3551N

With B34U D3551N, Galerie Galerie presents projects that are precisely in the contemporary digital world by their process, their aesthetics and the treatment of the subject. In their own way, all of them foster a coexistence between the qualities of drawing in its technical and material conception, and an aesthetic rendering intrinsically inscribed on the Web. Like an ode to naive art and the “poor image”, the exhibition rejects the classical form of drawing while giving it a new, renewed and justified value, that of “Beau-Dessin”.

With the works of Mathieu P. Lapierre, Mégane Voghell, Inès Allard, Alban Loosli, Adrianna Smith and Simon Provencher.

From January 8 to March 12, 2017 at www.galeriegalerieweb.com

The work Borks (2017) from Mégane Voghell is still online in Galerie Galerie’s Webthèque – here.