IRL & URL/ Grosses données lavalloises

Grosses données lavalloises is the second collective project based on a series of creative and mediation workshops in digital and web art led by Galerie Galerie. Invited by the artist-run centre Verticale to invest the Studio – digital space of the Laval Multicultural Library during the months of October and November 2018, Galerie Galerie commits to promoting online creation among Laval citizens through a program of animated GIF workshops. The GDL artwork, which presents the fruits of these encounters, takes the form of an “information gathering” of the Laval community in an unusual virtual form. Far from the scale or commercial and consumerist rigidity of traditional datas, the work tends rather towards an intimate and subjective approach to the community. Firstly, through information gathering focused on the creative, highly personal and DIY process of the participants and, on the other hand, through the proposed web navigation which, instinctive and playful, seeks to bring the public to rethink its perceptions of the individuals who live in the territory of Laval.

IRL – Creative workshops for the community attending the Laval Multicultural Library, Fall 2018

URL – Collective work online at

The collective work Grosses données lavalloises (2018), is still online in Galerie Galerie’s Webthèque ⏤ here.