IRL & URL/ 🌲 Hello the Internet, Kwei pamikicikopitcikan, Kuei anite ka tapishimitishunanut, Salut l’Internet, Ashkennon’nia Internet, Kway Internet

Salut l’Internet – Kwei pamikicikopitcikan – Kuei anite ka tapishimitishunanut – Hello the Internet – Ashkennon’nia Internet – Kway Internet brings together the creations of eleven students of the course of the winter semester 2018 “Initiation to modern and contemporary art indigenous “of the Kiuna Institution. It is symbolic of a relationship of reciprocity, mutuality, knowledge sharing, where the students’ own experience becomes the form and content of the project.

With the precious mentorship of Guy Sioui Durand and the works of Fanny Niquay, Gabby Petiquay, Gérald-Junior Dubé, Joey Labbé, Jonah Néwashish, Kanessa Michel, Laura Fontaine , Sigwanis Lachapelle, Tiffany Guanish, Yoan Jerome and Julie Gauthier André.

IRL – creation workshop, Winter 2018 @Kiuna College

URL – exhibition from 3 May to 20 May 2018 at