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WIKIPEDIA: literature refers to writing considered to be an art form or any single writing deemed to have artistic or intellectual value, often due to deploying language in ways that differ from ordinary usage.

How do the mechanisms of digital applications and the Web shape how we perceive and construct writing? How to approach the idea of ​​literature in a web context and new technologies? What are the languages ​​of the Internet Somewhere at the limits of the personal, the commercial, the instantaneous archiving and the digital, the words are filtered and the forms, transformed.

With the works of Maude V. Veilleux, Fabrice Masson-Goulet and Stéfanie Requin Tremblay.

From August 15 to September 30, 2018 at www.galeriegalerieweb.com

The work Technophoria (2018) from artist Fabrice Masson-Goulet is still online in Galerie Galerie’s Webthèque ⏤ here.