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With Up! Galerie Galerie explores the concept of online residency, while stimulating artists to explore the medium and web video installation. The goal? To impose an experiential “rush” on them, to get them to create videos instinctively, and to engage in an artistic discussion about the continuous and direct online content that recent media platforms invite. From the material experimentation of Justine Durand’s abstract analog and digital videos, to Jules Deslandes’ exploration of the body via 3D modeling, to Nani$oka Groupe’s aesthetic and conceptual introspection of screencap art, they together represent contrasting and innovative approaches to video art in its most actual form.

With the works of Justine Durand, Jules Deslandes and Nani$oka Group.

Justine Durand’s work Surveillance II (2017) is still online in Galerie Galerie’s Webthèque ⏤ HERE.


Video Residency Up!

From October 23 to November 12, 2017 on the Instagram account @galerie.galerie

Exhibition Up!

From November 23 to December 22, 2017 at www.galeriegalerieweb.com