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gallerytalk.netNovember 10th, 2020

"Kunst in Quarantäne #9 Scrollen in digitalen Traumwelten", by Teresa Hantke

[GERMAN] / Free translation

"Museums and many other cultural venues remain closed. That doesn't mean you can't have interesting discussions, or view exhibitions and great works by renowned artists in digital form. For this second week of lockdown, we're presenting a series of entertaining online installations, 3D tours, a digital symposium, video art, and a recently published catalog on the dissemination of art in the digital media age."

gallerytalk.netOctober 8th, 2020

"Klickt das! #2 Mehr wirklich gute Online-Ausstellungen", by Anna Meinecke

[GERMAN] / Free translation

"Before fakee news, Facebook and filters, the Internet was considered the ultimate democratic space in which everyone could develop their own voice. Galerie Galeriel is committed to this idea. They see themselves as a platform for the production and distribution of digital and artistic works on the Internet. Galerie Galerie has been using the Internet as a space for research, creation and dissemination since 2016 and supports artists who use new technologies in their practice. [...] Galerie Galerie, which sees the Internet as a tool for self-definition and self-expression, presents with Fannie Sosa's "WIG" a practical guide for the inclusion of BIPOC artists and to counter unpaid work hidden under the guise of diversity."

them.usJuly 13th, 2020

"Fannie Sosa Is Helping Artists of Color Be Heard, Respected, and Get Paid", by Taylor Crumpton

Interview with Fannie Sosa following the restoration of the WIG in collaboration with Galerie.

"Since it was published, the WIG has been put into practice by over 200 art institutions around the world, and has enriched the agency and financial means of untold numbers of artists of color. After going offline in 2018, the WIG was re-published by Galerie Galerie, an online art gallery based in Montreal, earlier this year. To celebrate its arrival, Sosa took the time to talk with them. about the revised 2020 edition of the WIG, how artists of color can integrate pleasure into their work, and their contributions to an artist-led movement for their rights."

Baronmag.comOctober 17th, 2019

PRESS RELEASE | "Galerie Galerie restaure L'oeuvre en ligne « Un genre de totem »"

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Galerie Galerie web art platform is currently expanding its repertoire of online works that are hosted, with the aim of creating a real space for preserving online art."

Balkon.artSeptember 20th, 2019

"Curating-thinking new media: a double interlaced process", by Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszak

"Curating-thinking new media: a double interlaced process’’ addresses the new practices and strategies in curating new media art and the co-habitation of cybernetic art, computer art and with more traditional art."

Excerpt from a two parts, conversation between writer and curator Nathalie Bachand and Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszak for the hugarian contemporay mag Balkon

ALN/NT2 Chaire de recherches du Canada sur les arts et littératures numériques November 30th, 2018

RÉPERTOIRE | « Grosses données lavalloises »

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Invited by the artists'run center VERTICAL to invest the Studio - digital space of the Multicultural Library of Laval during the months of October and November 2018, Galerie Galerie is committed to promoting online creation to citizens via a program of animated GIF workshops."

Mag LavalSeptember 18th, 2018

« Automne 2018 — L'art numérique s'invite au Studio »

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Galerie Galerie invites Laval citizens to learn about web creation by creating animated avatars in the form of GIFs representing them. All public interventions will be an online group show in the form of a satellite map and a hashtag. This amalgam of data as a collective work seeks to highlight the unique, creative and humane side of each, while offering an unusual virtual portrait of the multicultural community of the City of Laval."

Baronmag.comAugust 17th, 2018

« Galerie Galerie lance son exposition « Je suis la photo d'un livre », sur et en dehors de l'écran », par Gabrielle Valevicius

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Galerie Galerie is first and foremost an online art space. But for the past three years, the organization has partnered with an institution and explores virtual works in a real-life setting with projections, installations, and performances. The public can soak up works virtually and physically!"

Radio ALN/NT2 May 31st, 2018

« Jean-Michel Berthiaume fait un retour critique et "coup de coeur" du Festival Chromatic

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"The Chromatic Festival celebrating Montreal art and creativity will take place from May 26 to June 2, 2018 at the Ancienne école des beaux-arts. This week on the show, we share our exhibitions and favorite festival facilities."

Baronmag.comMay 23rd, 2018

« Chromatic Pro: Les arts et les affaires à l'unisson », par Claire-Marine Bea

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"If conferences and panels are not lacking on the island of Montreal, Chromatic Pro strives every year to set up activities and discussions that address coherently and diversity to cultural entrepreneurs, creative minds, students, and of course, to investors, to question and solve innovative business models and initiatives. [...] Four conferences of this pro component have particularly attracted our attention: DISCUSSION: "The galleries are breaking down the walls: The new challenges of curating and broadcasting in the post-Internet era."

ALN/NT2 Chaire de recherches du Canada sur les arts et littératures numériquesMay 15th, 2018

DIRECTORY | « Salut l'Internet- Kwei pamikicikopitcikan - Kuei anite ka tapishimitishunanut - Hello the Internet - Ashkennon’nia Internet - Kway Internet », par Alexandra Tremblay

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Through digital technology, Kiuna's students claim their participation in the post-Internet society while formulating a post-colonial critique of mass culture and the web. The possibilities of digital representation are used to express their subjectivity while remediating their traditional culture in order to make it dynamic."

Journal MétroMay 10th, 2019

« Démocratiser l’art autochtone », par Maïtée Labrecque-Saganash

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Indigenous people are often seen as relics of the past. We are, however, great consumers of pop culture too, and «Kway Internet» is a project that "indigenize" the Web and take ownership of this platform. It is also an opportunity for Kiuna students who are out of their territory to find balance in this world that is with our traditions. This exhibition is an invitation to students to show the contemporary beings that they are and deconstruct the prejudices against us that also reign on the internet. James Luna would be proud of them."

ALN/NT2 Chaire de recherches du Canada sur les arts et littératures numériquesNovember 16th, 2017

DELINEAIRES | « Up!: une résidence vidéo «at home» de Galerie Galerie », par Alexandra Tremblay

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"From October 23 to November 12, 2017, the online art space Galerie Galerie featured « Up ! », an at home video residency developed in collaboration with Studio XX. Through this residency, the gallery seeks to put forward artistic approaches that are part of "the experimentation of instinctive video creation, in addition to questioning the continuous online content that allows / causes / invites news digital platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook ". Exploring the possibilities of these platforms for digital art is at the heart of Galerie Galerie's concerns, as demonstrated by the five online exhibitions organized since its creation."

ALN/NT2 Chaire de recherches du Canada sur les arts et littératures numériquesOctober 23rd, 2017

NEWS | « Résidence vidéo UP! - Galerie Galerie en partenariat avec le Studio XX »

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Galerie Galerie presents an“ at home residency ”in partnership with STUDIO XX. Three artists have been selected to participate in research-creation focused on experimenting with instinctive video creation. Starting on October 23, Justine Durand, Jules Deslandes and Nani$ôka Groupe will take turns using Galerie Galerie's Instagram account to produce, document and distribute a certain number of video content in order to interrogate uploading. continues that allows / provokes / invites new digital platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook."

Baronmag.comSeptember 9th, 2017

« Un encan d’oeuvres numériques pour le 1er anniversaire de Galerie Galerie (nos photos) », par Camille Gladu-Drouin

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"We talked to you a lot during the year about this first online gallery of digital works in Quebec in the past year. To mark its first anniversary, the founding team wanted to celebrate with an auction and a presentation of interactive works at the Eastern Bloc."

ALN/NT2 Chaire de recherches du Canada sur les arts et littératures numériquesJuly 13th, 2017

DIRECTORY | « INSTA, par L'Hérault, Sarah et Mathieu Cardin », par Alexandra Tremblay

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"From June 8 to July 13, 2017, the online gallery Galerie Galerie offers Internet users the opportunity to visit the INSTA exhibition, which features two interactive installations: "Il est faux de croire que tu ne reverras peut-être jamais cette belle poubelle pas du tout instable" by Sarah L'Hérault and "John Frum, les masseuses et autres entreprises" by Mathieu Cardin. These artists were invited by the gallery to "reflect on the occupation of online space" by creating installation art adapted to the specific characteristics of the digital exhibition space."

Revue Ex SituJune 21st, 2017


[FRENCH] / Free translation

"INSTA consists of the work of Sarah L'Hérault, Il est faux de croire que tu ne reverras peut-être jamais cette belle poubelle pas du tout instable (2017) and that of Mathieu Cardin, John Frum, les masseuses et autres entreprises (2017). Both recognized as creators of installation art, they reflect here on the occupation of online space. Indeed, with the advent of virtual exhibitions, a question arises as to the immateriality of the Web compared to the materiality of the work of art. Would it be possible to rematerialize the virtual space of the Web by using images and their referents?"

ETC MEDIAJune 15th, 2017

n° 111, 2017, p. 74-77 | B34UD355IN à l’ère du numérique, par Raphaëlle Cormier

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Inspired by the manifesto In Defense of the Poor Image (e-flux journal, 2009) by the German artist and theorist Hito Steyerl, who campaigns in favor of a poor image, Galerie Galerie suggests an approach to drawing digital dominated by the accidental, the approximate and the frank naivety. Far from the technical prowess that proliferates in the fields of cinema, advertising, architecture and video games, Galerie Galerie is interested in alternative movements, which she describes as amateurisms. For the occasion, the platform brings together the work of six artists: Inès Allard, Mathieu P. Lapierre, Adriana Smith, Alban Loosli, Mégane Voghell and Simon Provencher."

Baronmag.comJanuary 29th, 2017

« Le vernissage de B34U D3551N de Galerie Galerie en photos! », par Camille Gladu-Drouin

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"It is not because we are a digital gallery that we cannot create openings in real life (or AFK - away from keyboard)". Yesterday, it was at Espace POP that took place the third exhibition of Galerie Galerie, dedicated to digital drawing. This new exhibition, entitled B34U D3551N, thus focuses on the practice of digital drawing. The gallery's curators put forward artists with various practices, who explore the genre in several of its forms. "

ALN/NT2 Chaire de recherches du Canada sur les arts et littératures numériquesNovember 22nd, 2016

DIRECTORY| « Silicon Vallée, par Darsigny, Marie, Jessica MacCormack, Émilie Gervais et Laure Bardou », par Lisa Tronca

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Galerie Galerie, an online digital art distribution platform, is presenting its second exhibition, Silicon Vallée, from October 27 to December 18, 20161. The title obviously refers to Silicon Valley, the region of southern San Francisco welcoming close to 6000 high-tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Netflix, etc. The theme raises the sexism shown by this technology industry towards women 2 and opens the reflection on heteronormativity and gender discrimination in the technological and IT environment."

Baronmag.comNovember 5th, 2016

« Galerie Galerie met de l'avant une féminité renouvelée avec sa nouvelle expo Silicon Vallée », par Maryse Boyce

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Making digital art accessible, especially non-standard practices, is the heart of Galerie Galerie's mission. This translates first of all by its space, transposition of a real gallery with an office, rooms which each accommodate a work, a bathroom (which is worth the detour with its dancing skeleton and its bottle of boy tears), and an unpaid non-gendered intern who responds to visitor clicks with relevant information. A nod to the many internship positions in the visual arts, a sector where women also occupy a majority of administrative jobs."

L’aréospatial magazine radio November 1st, 2016

Balado – Émission du 1er novembre 2016

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"We are talking about web art with the French artist Pierre Giner, in residence in the White Room, and Gabrielle Bernatchez, instigator of the Galerie Galerie project. "

Revue Ex Situ September 27th, 2016

« Une nouvelle galerie virtuelle piratée par des artistes », par Catherine Lafranchise

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"Galerie Galerie was the victim last week of piracy by the collective Les Enfants de Chienne. It is a virtual gallery, founded last August. His concept is fully in tune with the times, since his exhibitions are only virtual and the works presented are part of the digital movement. In addition, their newsletter is more a means of disseminating the work of artists than a simple informative letter."

Vice du JourSeptember 13th, 2016


[FRENCH] / Free translation

“Galerie Galerie is a space for dissemination and artistic reflection that lives exclusively on the web. VICE visited their first exhibition C LA VIE ¯_ (ツ) _ / ¯, which brings together the physical and the digital. "

Revue Ex SituAugust 26th, 2016


[FRENCH] / Free translation

"For Latouche, the inclusion of the new term in Galerie Galerie's mandate allows them to distinguish themselves from other Quebec galleries as an alternative place for exhibiting web art. They wish to present works that are more difficult to exhibit in traditional galleries, such as websites and GIFs. For them, it is an effort to legitimize these new art forms that they are trying to facilitate by offering a Quebec and French-speaking exhibition space, in addition to stimulating and contributing to a theorization of the movement."

ALN/NT2 Chaire de recherches du Canada sur les arts et littératures numériquesAugust 16th, 2016

Entrevue avec Lisa Tronca diffusée sur CHOQ.CA la radio web de l’UQAM

[FRENCH] / Free translation

"This week Lisa Tronca receives two of the founders of GALERIE GALERIE. They talk about the dissemination of art in Quebec, the aesthetics of GALERIE GALERIE site as a bridge between digital space and physical space and the irony and criticism present in their work."